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System Security Codes


In the following instructions you will be able to change your master code, and add user codes.

The master code is the main code. You may also want to have additional codes for other people using the alarm. The master code is the only code that can add or remove other codes from your alarm system.

The first thing you need is the master code to make any changes. This is usually setup for you by your installer. For now we will just use 1234 as an example. On the keypad you will see that the number keys also have functions assigned to them. The number 1 key is also the off key. The number 8 key is used to change codes in the alarm system.

How to change your Master code

                                Old Master       Code Button      User Number     New Master Code

At your keypad push   1234                 8               02             5678 + 5678 You need to enter the new master code twice to change it.

This will assign a new master code of 5678 to user number 02     (master spot only)

You can now enter other codes for more users.

The other users have the following spots to use.







09 -48

How to add another user code

We will use 5678 as an example as the master code. You must use the master code to make any changes to the system.

                                   Master         Code Button        User Number        New User Code

At your keypad push    5678           8             03                4321

To change a user code, just follow the same steps and it will right over the old code.

How to delete a user code

                                   Master         Code Button       User Number       Delete Command

At your keypad push    5678           8             03                #0


This is how to delete user number 03 from the system.       

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