Fire Alarm Experts

Training for those interested

in the fire alarm industry


Training for those interested in the fire alarm

industry is provided by Commercial Security Corp.

on an annual basis.

The training is an intensive two-week session intended for people with basic electrical, security alarm, construction  experience.

       At the conclusion of the training, participants

will have been instructed on:

  • Reading and understanding fire alarm plans.

  • Preparing and planning for the installation of a fire alarm.

  • How to install a fire alarm properly and comply with code requirements.

  • How to connect,  program and test a fire alarm.

  • How to prepare for and pass inspection by your local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction).

  • How to prepare a fire alarm bid with material and labor costs to complete an installation cost estimate.

  • Overview of how to prepare a bid and obtain a fire alarm installation contract.

  • Instruction on fire alarm annunciators and their purpose, design and installation.

  • Instruction of fire alarm and fire sprinkler monitoring, their purpose, design and installation.

  • Instruction on addressable and analog fire alarm systems.

This training combines:

  • Classroom instruction.

  • Training materials from national codes.

  • Hands on work with fire alarm panels, components and systems.

  • Visit a construction site(s) to see the application of fire alarm codes and installation practices.

  • Extensive question and answer to obtain a successful completion by all participants.

The fire alarm career training this year is Monday, July 7th, 2008 through Friday, July 18th, 2008 in Melville, NY. The cost is $1,430.00, which includes all training materials and course instruction. Transportation to the training and housing is not included. The minimum class size is eight. The maximum class size is fifteen.


If you would like to participate in the fire alarm career training please e-mail