Fire Alarm Experts

Commercial Security Corp. / Alarm 1 is always striving to make you, the end user, more knowledgeable and comfortable in the operation and understanding of your Commercial Security Corp. / Alarm 1 system. We have comprised a list of "Frequently Asked Questions" and the answers to them. Please take a moment to look at these questions to help you better understand the security system. If you don't find the answer(s) to your questions here, you may also call us at our 24/7 Service line 631.271.8181.


Q.   Why is the "Ready" light not lit on the keypad?

    A. The "Ready" light not on indicates that your protected door(s) and/or window(s) are open. Also, movement in motion detector protected area(s) would cause the "ready" light not to be lit. To find the open zone(s), press the ( * ) key and the zone(s) number will be displayed on the keypad screen. The zone chart on the keypads door will indicate where the open sensor(s) is located on your system. By closing the open zone(s), the keypad should read "Ready". Also, a green light will be lit. The system is now ready to be armed. Another reason may be that the alarm system is in "Alarm Memory". To clear this condition, press your 4 digit code and "off" two times.

Q.   Where is my panel key?

    A. The key to the panel lock will be left in the door or on the top of the panel by the installer. If the key is not there, please call our Service Department for further assistance.

Q.    How do I change/delete user code(s) from my system?

    A.  Please refer to the user manual for code programming. If you do not have a user manual download one from our web site.

Q.    While I was testing my system, I armed my system and opened the door and the alarm did not activate, what happened?

    A. After the system has been armed, there is a delay time to exit. Please allow for the exit delay to expire prior to opening the door when you're testing the system. Normally the exit delay is the time required to exit the building.

Q.    I activated my alarm by mistake. After disarming the system the keypad is displaying "Alarm" and the zone number. How can I make the "Alarm" message go away?

    A. When an alarm occurs and the system is disarmed, it will display which zone activated the system. To clear the display enter your 4 digit code and "off" two times. This should clear the display and allow the system to operate properly.

Q.    When my alarm sounded, my phone dial tone was gone for a few moments. Why is that?

    A. When an alarm occurs, the system will utilize your phone line to notify the central station of the alarm. When the system is using your phone line, the dial tone is cut off from your phones for a brief period of time. When the system finishes its transmissions, the dial tone is restored. This is to prevent any transmission interuption from ocurring by picking up a phone handset within the premises.

Q.    My keypad used to say chime and beep when the door was opened. How do I reprogram this?

    A. The chime mode makes your keypad beep when the door is opened. To activate the chime mode enter your 4 digit code plus (#9) to turn the chime off or on.

Q.    When I tried to arm my system, the "Armed" light did not come on.              What Happened? 

    A. There could be a few reasons why the system did not arm:

  • The "Ready" light was not on because a protected zone was open or faulted (i.e. window/door or motion)
  • The "ready" light was not on because the panel is in alarm memory mode.
  • The code was not entered properly.
  • A command was not entered after the code was entered, (i.e. Away, Stay)
  • There was movement in front of a motion detector while attempting to arm the system.

Q.    If I open a protected door when the alarm is on the keypad beeps but the siren doesn't sound why is that?

    A. You have a "delay time" programmed into your system to allow you time to enter the building and disarm the system. The beeping you hear is to alert you that the entry delay has started and if the system is not disarmed within the alotted time, (approx 15-30 seconds) then the siren will sound and central station will be notified.

Q.   How do I set the alarm and leave a door or window open?

    A. To bypass a zone or zones you must enter your 4 digit code followed by the "6" button (bypass) followed by the zone # you would like to bypass. (Example: assuming that your 4 digit code is 1234 and you would like to bypass zone 10, the following sequence of entries must be followed: 1234-6-10) If you have entered the numbers correctly, the keypad will beep and the bypassed zone number will appear briefly on the keypad screen to confirm that it has in fact been bypassed. (Please remember that bypassed zones are unprotected zones and will not cause an alarm if violated). All bypassed zones are re-entered into the system as soon as the alarm is disarmed.

Q.    My alarm is going off and I cannot shut it off. How do I power down my system?

    A. You have a transformer plugged into an outlet in the building. You need to unplug this, then go to the panel and open it up and you will see a back-up battery with 2 wires (one red and one black). Unplug the red wire. This will power down the system. Then call the Service Department to schedule service.