Fire Alarm Experts

Commercial Security Corp. / Alarm 1 has put together a quick reference guide on how to operate your security system. If you need further assitance on the operations of the system, you may also call us at our Service line 


Quick Reference Guide To Operate Your Security System

ARMING in AWAY MODE - Your 4 digit code + AWAY (2)                       Use this when you are leaving your business, and no one else is there. The entire system is activated.

DISARMING - Your 4 digit code + OFF (1) Turns off the system.

ARMING in STAY MODE - Your 4 digit code + STAY (3)                         Use this when there are people still working in the building and you would like to have the doors and windows secure. This will turn off the inside motion detectors (so you can walk around), but you're protected against an entry from the outside.

ENTRY / EXIT DELAY TIME:                                                   After you arm your system in away mode, you have approximately 45 seconds to leave the building before it's "All Secure". When you come back - you also have from 15-45 seconds (depending on how the installer set it up) time to turn off the system before the alarm sounds.

BYPASS - Your 4 digit code + Bypass (6) + Zone(s)                                        This will temporarily remove protected point(s) from the system, like a problem zone.

CHIME - Your 4 digit code + Chime (9)                                                           The system will notify you with a beep when a protected door or window is opened. To turn chime off, enter your 4-digit code + chime (9).

TESTING the SYSTEM:                                                            Arm the system in the away mode. Wait at least 60 seconds and open a window, door or were seen by a motion detector. Depending upon whether you opened a window, door or have been seen by a motion detector your system will either activate immediately or will immediately start to beep to notify you that the system will activate if you do not turn it off. Let your system ring for 40 seconds then enter your code plus off (1). Wait for central station to call you. When they call you, you must give them your proper CODE WORD. This word is different than your 4-digit code.