Fire Alarm Experts

Fire Alarm System Installations


Fire alarm systems for commercial businesses need to meet NFPA-72, the national code for commercial fire regulations. Unlike a residence, commercial fire alarms require specific control panels, smoke detectors, manual pull stations and sounding devices. The fire alarm system is connected to many other systems in a building, including HVAC systems, sprinkler / stand pipe systems and more.

Fire alarm systems provide a reliable safety presence for your building, giving essential advance notice during a fire emergency. A fire alarm system is made up of detectors, sounders, and other equipment to alert building occupants of a possible fire. The system may have several types of audible and visible indicators to signal a problem.

At Commercial Security Corp. we engineer all our CAD drawings in house for the fastest submittals for AHJ approval.

24 hour monitoring of your fire alarm signaling is just part of the service we provide. The intelligent systems we install have the ability to know when they need maintenance before the system experiences any trouble in its operation.

We are happy to inspect any fire alarm system for you. Inspections are certified by our technicians in a complete report given to you.